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About 1-800-DIVORCE

  1.  1-800-DIVORCE is a nationwide network of independently owned and operated law firms that offer divorce, family law and related legal services.

  2.  Each 1-800-DIVORCE lawyer/law firm is solely responsible for his or her own fees, policies, practices and marketing program in compliance with all applicable state laws and regulations.

  3.  Each 1-800-DIVORCE lawyer/law firm is licensed by Legal Marketing Systems, Ltd. to use the 1-800-DIVORCE Trade Mark in his or her marketing program as a convenient and memorable method for you to contact that lawyer after seeing or hearing his or her advertisement or after receiving a referral from a friend or relative.

  4.  Phone calls placed to 1-800-DIVORCE are routed to the 1-800-DIVORCE lawyer who licensed the geographic area to which your phone number is assigned. 1-800-DIVORCE calling areas are large and exclusive so that you will always be able to reach the same lawyer by dialing 1-800-DIVORCE from your area.

  5.  When you contact a 1-800-DIVORCE lawyer, keep in mind that the act of consulting a lawyer is preliminary and different to retaining or hiring that lawyer. After you consult a lawyer to get advice on your legal rights and options, you may or may not retain that lawyer to handle your case.  Consultation with a lawyer is always a wise first step.

  6.  Many 1-800-DIVORCE lawyers offer a free consultation.  Others will charge a small consultation fee for their time, but often this small fee is a credit against the lawyer's retainer fee if you hire him or her later on.  Be sure to ask your local 1-800-DIVORCE lawyer for information concerning fees.

  7.  Neither Legal Marketing Systems nor any 1-800-DIVORCE lawyer advocates divorce or legal separation.  Nor do we advocate that you, or any minor child, remain in an unhappy, stressful or otherwise dangerous marital situation. Your marriage is well worth saving, if that is possible.  Please consider all appropriate marriage counseling options before proceeding.
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